History of Literature




illustrations by Francois Chauveau and Noel Le Mire


"The Art of Love" illustrations by Salvador Dali



  "Metamorphoses"  contents:
1 The Creation of the World
2 The Story of Phaeton
3 The Story of of Cadmus
4 The Story of Alcithoe and her Sisters
5 The Story of Perseus continu'd
6 The Transformation of Arachne into a Spider
7 The Story of Medea and Jason
8 The Story of Nisus and Scylla
9 The Story of Achelous and Hercules
10 The Story of Orpheus and Eurydice
11 The Death of Orpheus
12 The Trojan War
13 The Speeches of Ajax and Ulysses

Illustrations by Noel Le Mire


























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