The Impressionism


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Claude Monet


Claude Monet

(b Paris, 14 Nov 1840; d Giverny, 6 Dec 1926).

French painter. He was the leader of the Impressionist movement in France; indeed the movement’s name, IMPRESSIONISM, is derived from his Impression, Sunrise (1873; Paris, Mus. Marmottan). Throughout his long career, and especially in his series from the 1890s onwards, he explored the constantly changing quality of light and colour in different atmospheric conditions and at various times of the day.



The Garden of the Princess
Oil on canvas
Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin


Rue Montargueil with Flags
Oil on canvas


Landscape with Thunderstorm


The garden in flower
Oil on canvas


The Studio Boat
Oil on canvas


Vetheuil in Summer
Oil on canvas


Snow Effect With Setting Sun
Oil on canvas

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