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Wynn Bullock

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Wynn Bullock (April 18, 1902, Chicago - November 16, 1975, Monterey, California) was an American photographer that is notable for his photographs of nudes and of landscapes on the West Coast.
He started in the 1920s with a career as a concert tenor. While studying in Paris, he was inspired by visual artists, in particular Cézanne, Moholy-Nagy and Man Ray. Upon his return to the US, he focused on a career as a photographer.
He left law school to attend the Art Center School in Los Angeles. In 1948, he met and began a lifelong friendship with Edward Weston, a relationship that continually influenced his life as a photographer.
Bullock also explored the commercial side of photography, founding Arrow Camera in Santa_Maria, California in 1943. Bullock ran the business until 1952, when he sold it to Hank Datter.
Bullock's photographs are in over 90 museum collections including The Hallmark Collection of Photography, The Museum of Modern Art, The Center for Creative Photography, and The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Some of his photographs were used by Edward Steichen in 1955 in his The Family of Man, a vast exhibition consisting of over 500 photos that depicted life, love and death in 68 countries.


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Tree Trunk




Solarized Nude


The Limpet


Sea Plants


Mendolino Coast, 1968


Sunken Wreck, 1968


Point Lobos Wave, 1950


Decaying Boot in Sand, 1953


Driftwood, 1951


Torso in Window - Rock, 1971


Eroded Wood, 1970




Torso in window


Mendolino Coast, 1968


Sunken Wreck, 1968


Point Lobos Wave, 1950


Point Lobos Wave


Decaying Boot in Sand, 1953


Driftwood, 1951


Rock, 1971


Eroded Wood, 1970


Photogram, 1970


Light Abstraction, 1950


Del Monte Forest, 1969


Solarized Portrait, 1942


Horsetails and Log, 1957


In the Surf, 1968


Stark Tree, 1956


Sea Palms, 1968


Point Lobos, Tide Pool, 1957


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