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Franz von Stuck


Franz von Stuck


(b Tettenweis, Lower Bavaria, 23 Feb 1863; d Munich, 30 Aug 1928).

German draughtsman, illustrator, printmaker, decorative artist, painter, sculptor and architect. He was noted for his treatment of erotic and comic aspects of mythological themes. He drew eagerly as a child, soon becoming a gifted caricaturist. From 1878 to 1881 he attended the Kunstgewerbeschule in Munich, where he received particular encouragement from Ferdinand Barth (1842–92). From 1881 to 1885 he studied at the Munich Akademie, where he was taught by Wilhelm Lindenschmit (1829–95) and Ferdinand Löfftz (1845–1910). During his student years Stuck earned a living from designs for decorative painting, and he made notable contributions (1880–84) to the humorous Munich periodical Fliegende Blätter and to the Viennese serial publications Allegorien und Embleme and Karten und Vignetten. These did much to establish his reputation as both a skilled and a witty draughtsman.



Wounded Amazon


Boy Bacchus Riding on a Panther


Franz and Mary Stuck as a God and Goddess


Angel with the Flaming Sword


The Wild Hunt


The Kiss of the Sphinx




Daughter Mary


Portrait of Frau Feez


Susanna Bathing







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