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Arthur Bowen Davies


(b Utica, NY, 26 Sept 1862; d Florence, 24 Oct 1928).

American painter and illustrator. He first trained as an architectural draughtsman at the Academy of Design, Chicago (1878). After studying briefly at the Art Institute of Chicago, he went to New York, where he attended the Gotham School and the Art Students League (1886–8). By 1887 he was working as an illustrator for Century magazine. A realist landscape painter in the 19th-century academic tradition, he was influenced by the painters of the Hudson River school and particularly by the luminist, dream-like landscapes of George Inness.






The Sphynx 

Across the Harbor


Whither Away






Dancers in a Landscape 



Four Figures 



Jewel-Bearing Tree of Amity 



Fleecy Arcady 



The Mountaineers 


Two Standing Female Nudes

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