Neoclassicism and Romanticism


(Neoclassicism, Romanticism and Art Styles in 19th century - Art Map)





Francisco de Goya

"Life and Work"





Early Years (1746-1773)


Move to Madrid (1774-1783)


Artist to Nobility (1783-1791)


Crisis and a New Start (1792-1798)


The Sleep of Reason (1797-1799)




The Height of Fame (1799-1807)


Times of War (1808-1818)




The "Black Paintings" (1819-1823)




Exile in France (1824-1828)








Francisco de Goya

"Disasters of War"

Los desastres de la guerra



The Worst is Begging


To the Cemetery!


The Sound and the Sick


Shouting's No Good


What is the Use of a Cup?


Nobody Could Help Them


Do They Belong to

Another Race?


The Death-Beds


For the Common Grave!


Cartloads for the Cemetery


What is all the Noise About?


Strange Piety!


No Less Curious


What Folly!


Nothing. It Speaks for Itself


They Don't Know the Way


Contrary to the

General Interest


The Consequences


Cats' Pantomime


That is Still Worse!


The Charlatan's Swindle


The Carnivorous Vulture


The Cord Breaks


He Defends Himself Well


Truth Is Dead


Will She Rise Again?


Horrible Monster


This is the Truth


The Three Prisoners


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