Neoclassicism and Romanticism


(Neoclassicism, Romanticism and Art Styles in 19th century - Art Map)







Francisco de Goya

"Life and Work"





Early Years (1746-1773)


Move to Madrid (1774-1783)


Artist to Nobility (1783-1791)


Crisis and a New Start (1792-1798)


The Sleep of Reason (1797-1799)




The Height of Fame (1799-1807)


Times of War (1808-1818)




The "Black Paintings" (1819-1823)




Exile in France (1824-1828)










Francisco Goya y Lucientes,




El si pronuncian y la mano alargan,
Al primero que llega

They Say Yes and
Give Their Hand

To the First Comer



Que viene el Coco

Here comes the Bogeyman



El de la rollona

Nanny's Boy



Tal para qual

Two of a Kind



Nadie se conoce

Nobody Knows Himself



Ni asi la distingue

Even Thus,

He Cannot Make Her Out



Que se la llevaron!

They Carried Her Off!







El amor y la muerte

Love and Death



Muchachos al avío

Lads Making Ready



A caza de dientes 

Yera su madre



Estan calientes

They Are Hot



Que sacrificio!

What a Sacrifice!




Bellos consejos


Pretty Teachings


Dios la perdone: Y era su madre

For Heaven's Sake:

And It Was Her Mother

Bien tirada esta

It Is Nicely Stretched

Y sele quema la casa

And His House Is On Fire

Todos Caeran

All Will Fail

Ya van desplumados

There They Go Plucked,

i.e. Fleeced

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