History of Literature

William Blake

The Book of Job




Our Father which art in Heaven
hallowed be thy Name

Thus did Job continually

There was a Man in the
Land of Uz whose Name
was Job & that Man
was perfect & upright

& one that feared God
& one that eschewed Evil & there
was born unto him Seven
Sons & Three Daughters

The Letter Killeth
The Spirit giveth Life

It is Spiritually Discerned





I beheld the Ancient of Days

Hast thou considered my servant Job

The Angel of the Divine Presence

I shall see God

Thou art our Father

We shall awake up with thy Likeness

When the Almighty was yet with me,
When my  Children were about me

There was a day when the Sons of God
came to present themselves before
the Lord & Satan came also among
them to present himself

before the Lord.





The Fire of God is
fallen from Heaven.

And the Lord said unto Satan Behold
All that he hath is in thy Power

Thy Sons & thy Daughters were eating
& drinking Wine in their
eldest Brothers house & behold there
came a great wind from the Wilderness
& smote upon the four faces of the house
& it fell upon the young Men
& they are Dead





And there came a Messenger unto Job
& said
The Oxen were plowing
& the Sabeans came down
& they have slain the Young Men

with the Sword

Going to & fro in the Earth
& walking up & down in it

And I only am escaped alone to tell thee

While he was yet speaking there came
also another & said

The fire of God is fallen from heaven
& hath burned up the flocks & the
Young Men & consumed then; and I
only am escaped alone to tell thee





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