Developments in the 19th Century


Art Styles in 19th century - Art Map


The Birth of Realism


Honore Daumier


Honore Daumier

(b Marseille, 26 Feb 1808; d Valmondois, 10 Feb 1879).

French graphic artist, painter and sculptor.
Son of a Marseille glazier, frame-maker and occasional picture restorer, Daumier joined his father in Paris in 1816. He became a bailiff’s errand boy and was then employed by a bookseller, but his real enthusiasm was reserved for drawing and politics. He studied drawing with Alexandre Lenoir and at the Académie Suisse and then worked as assistant to the lithographer Béliard. Having mastered the techniques of lithography, he published his first plate in the satirical weekly La Silhouette in 1829.



The Laundress




The Third-class Carriage


The Republic


Artist in front of His Canvas


The Artist


The Spectators


Theater Box


The Print Collector


On the Shore


Grand Staircase of the Palace of Justice


Two Sculptors


Women Running from Satyrs


Crispin and Scapin


The Print Collector


Woman and Child on a Bridge


The Miller, His Son and the Donkey


A Famous Motive

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