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Visual History of the World




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Visual History of the World
I. Prehistory
II. First Empires
III. The Ancient World
IV. The Middle Ages
V. The Early Modern Period
VI. The Modern Era
VII. The World Wars and Interwar Period
VIII. The Contemporary World

Dictionary of Art and Artists


Visual History of the World





Visual History of the World - part I




Timeline One



с. 35,000 First Paleolithic societies


Timeline One



с. 8000 Husbandry and farming develop in the Near East




Visual History of the World - part II

First Empires



Timeline Two


с. 4000 Predynastic period in Egypt
c. 35003000
Sumerian civilization, Mesopotamia
c. 3100 Narmer unites the Upper and Lower Kingdoms of Egypt. Beginning of Old Kingdom in Egypt (Dynasties 1-6. until с. 2157); divine kingship of the pharaoh
с. 3000 Rise of early Aegean civilizations: Cretan, Cycladic, and Helladic periods
r. 2340-2305
Sargon of Akkad, Akkadian ruler, unifies Mesopotamian region and organizes first empire, encompassing land in Persia, Africa, and the Aegean
2134-1785 Middle Kingdom in Egypt. After a period of chaos, Egyptian pharaohs strengthen the country, institute a centralized government, and conquer neighboring Nubia (present-day Ethiopia)
с. 2125 Gudea rules in Mesopotamia; с 2060-1950, Third Dynasty of Ur comes to power in Sumeria, ushering in a period of great cultural development

с. 2000-750 Bronze Age in Europe
с. 1760-1600 Babylonian Empire, founded by Hammurabi, flourishes

с. 1500-1162 New Kingdom in Egypt (Dynasties 18-20)
1486-1469 Queen Hatshepsut rules Egypt
с. 1450 Mycenaean forces conquer the Minoan city of Knossos on Crete
Pharaoh Akhenaten (c. 13651347) attempts radical alteration of Egyptian society. Deposed by Tutankhamen (c. 1347-1329)
с. 1360 Akhenaten institutes a new monotheistic religion in Egypt
c. 1350 Assyrian Empire founded in Mesopotamia by Ashuruballit I; empire endures until 612
с. 1319-1200 Ramesside period in Egypt (Dynasty 19), epitomized by Pharaoh Ramesses II, whose frequent wars against invaders bring about great expansion of Egyptian territory and influence

c. 1250 (traditional) Moses and Israelites flee to Palestine from Egypt to escape persecution
1184 (traditional) Attack on Troy in Asia Minor by united Greek armies under Agamemnon
с. 1000 Hebrews in Palestine accept monotheism
с. 1000-961
Israelite kingdom established by King David. Reign of his son, Solomon, (961-922) is a time of legendary peace, justice, and stability


Timeline Two


KING SOLOMON "Song of Songs"

с. 3500-3000 Wheeled carts in Sumer
с. 3500 Sailboats used on the Nile
с. 3300-3000 Invention of writing by Sumerians;
use of potter's wheel and organicdyes

c. 3000-2500
"The Epic of Gilgamesh", early Sumerian heroic tale

c. 2500 The Great Sphinx, Egypt
c. 2350 The Pyramid Texts, early religious writings found
on walls of Egyptian tombs
с. 2000 Iron used for tools and weapons in Asia Minor
с. 2000 Stonehenge, England

с. 1900 The Story of Sinuhe, a Middle Kingdom Egyptian tale
с. 1750 Code of Hammurabi, first known legal document,
carved on a stone monolith for the Babylonian king
c. 1725 Hyksos tribes introduce horse-drawn vehicles into Egypt
c. 1700 Babylonian mathematics flourish under Hammurabi:
use of whole numbers, fractions, and square roots

с. 1500 The Toreador Fresco, Crete
с. 1500
Book of the Dead, first manuscripts (on papyrus),
encapsulating Egyptian religious thought
с. 1500 Chinese develop silk production
с. 1400 First Greek writing, known as Linear B, in general use in the Aegean
с. 1340 Tutankhamen Hunting, Egypt


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