The High Renaissance





Arostino Veneciano



Agostino Veneziano

(b Venice, c. 1490; d ?Rome, after 1536.)

Italian engraver and draughtsman. His monogram (‘A.V.’) and in five instances his full name appear on 141 prints. Of these 85 are dated from 1514 to 1536. He began his career in Venice. His earliest dated prints (1514) are copies after Giulio Campagnola (The Astrologer; B. 411) and Durer (Last Supper; B. 25). A print dated 1515 after Baccio Bandinelli (Cleopatra; B. 193) and another dated 1516 after Andrea del Sarto (the Dead Christ Supported by Three Angels; B. 40) indicate his presence in Florence in these years.






The Emperor Freeing the Slave Androcles


Battle Between Romans and Carthaginians

Ornamental Panel


Virgin and Child with Angels


Upright Ornament with Bull and Satyrs


Antique Vase

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