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Yamamoto Takato. Japan Artist

*Japanese art

Yellow Book, The (1894—7). Ill. periodical to which many distinguished writers and artists — e.g. Henry James and Max Beerbohm — contributed, but particularly associated with the 'decadents' and 'aesthetes' of the period, e.g. *Beardsley, Oscar Wilde and Rolfe.

Yerka Jacek. Surrealism

Yoruba. Tribal people of S.W. Nigeria; the largest and one of the most artistically prolific in W. Africa. They are noted for wood carving, e.g. the masks of secret societies and religious cult objects, notably of the thunder god Shango. The classical tradition of Y. art was that of *Ife.

Yoseki-tsukuri. *Japanese art

Yiian. The Mongol dynasty of China (1260— 1368), a major epoch of *Chinese art. The painter Ch'ien Hsuan (c. 1235—after 1300) pioneered the return to archaic styles (e.g. of the T-ang period). *Chao Meng-fu's landscapes combined respect for the antique, using brush techniques of neglected *Sung masters, with an original use of colour and spontaneity. He was followed by the 'Four Masters': Huang Rung Wang (1269—1354) whose magnificent Living in the hu ch'un Mountains survives; Ni Tsan (1301—74), whose noble and austere manner was much copied; Wu Chen (1280—1354) atK' Wang Mend (d. 1385).

Yuskavage Lisa (born 16 May 1962) is a contemporary American figurative painter known for her overtly sexualized representations of the painted female nude. Yuskavage was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, North America. She attended the Tyler School of Art and received her MFA from Yale in 1986. In the mid-1990s she participated in the group exhibitions "Figure as Fiction" (1993), Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati; "My Little Pretty" (1997), Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; "Presumed Innocence" (1997); "Pop Surrealism" (1998), Aldrich Museum; and "The Nude in Contemporary Art" (1999). Yuskavage's work is held in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The artist is currently represented by David Zwirner, New York, and greengrassi, London.

Yoshitoshi Tsukioka (1839-1892) Japan Artist

Yusho Kaiho (1533-1615) Japan Artist



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