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Viktor Vasnetsov



Viktor Vasnetsov


(b Lop’yal, Vyatka province [now Kirov region], 15 May 1848; d Moscow, 23 July 1926).

Painter, designer and graphic artist. He played a leading role in the evolution of Russian art from 19th-century realism towards Art Nouveau with a national historical slant. The son of a priest, he studied at a theological seminary in Vyatka (1862–7); then, developing a passion for drawing, he entered the drawing school of the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, St Petersburg, and studied under Ivan Kramskoy in 1867–8. He perfected his skills at the Academy of Arts, St Petersburg, in 1869–75 and joined the WANDERERS in 1878.



Portrait of O.V Vasnetzova
, the Artist's Daughter


Portrait of Tatyana Vasnetsova, the Artist's Daughter


Portrait of Boris Vasnetsov, the Artist's Son


Portrait of Vladimir Vasnetsov, the Artist's Son


Portrait of Elena Prakhova


Portrait of Vera Mamontova

A mighty leap




Knight at Crossroads


Prince Ivan Riding Gray Wolf


Sirin and Alkonost


The Bogatyrs

 Psaltery Players


The Sleeping Beauty


The Princess Who Never Smiled


Prince Ivan's Battle with the Three-Headed Serpent

 The Hero Dobrynia Nikitich Fights the Seven-Headed Dragon


Three Tsarevnas of the Underground Kingdom


Battle of Slavs and Scythians


 Gamayun - a Prophetic Bird


The Princess Frog


Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich Grozny




The Magic Carpet


After Prince Igor's Battle with the Polovtsy

 Prince Oleg Meets the Prophet
 Illustration for "A Song about Oleg's Prophecy" by A.S.Pushkin.


Prince Oleg Bids his Horse Farewell
 Illustration for "A Song about Oleg's Prophecy" by A.S.Pushkin.

 Prince Oleg at the Bones of his Horse
 Illustration for "A Song about Prophetic Oleg's Prophecy" by A.S.Pushkin.

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