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Gino Severini



Gino Severini


(b Cortona, 7 April 1883; d Paris, 26 Feb 1966).

Italian painter, mosaicist, stage designer and writer. One of the principal exponents of Futurism, he was an important link between French and Italian art. Although his most historically significant works were produced before World War I, he had a long career during which he continued to evolve his style, particularly in abstract schemes.







Geroglífico dinámico del Bal Tabarin


Souvenirs de Voyage. Memories of a Journey


El pam-pam de Monaco


Danseuse bleue


Armoured Train


Tren de la Cruz Roja atravesando un pueblo


Argentine Tango


Espansione sferica della luce centripeta Spherical Expansion of Light: Centripet


Fete a Montmartre


Le Chat noir


Ritmo plastico del 14 luglio

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