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George Segal


George Segal

born Nov. 26, 1924, New York, N.Y., U.S.
died June 9, 2000, South Brunswick, N.J.

American sculptor of monochromatic, cast plaster figures often situated in environments of mundane furnishings and objects.

Segal was educated at the Cooper Union, Pratt Institute of Design, New York University (B.S., 1950), and Rutgers University (M.F.A., 1963) and began his artistic career as an abstract painter. In 1958 he started creating sculptures from chicken wire and plaster and two years later turned to plastercasts, often using family members and friends as models. Though he was associated with members of the burgeoning Pop art movement in the late 1950s, Segal's sculptures, which were frequently outfitted with the bland commercial props of the Pop idiom, are distinguished from that characteristically ironic movement by a mute, ghostly anguish. His casting technique, in which the live model is wrapped in strips of plaster-soaked cheesecloth, imparts a rough texture and a minimum of surface detail to the figures,thus heightening the sense of anonymity and isolation. Notable works include The Truck (1966), The Laundromat (1966–67), and Hot Dog Stand (1978).


Airport (detail)




Couple on a Bed


Embracing Couple


Girl Emerging from The Wall


Girl in Robe II


Girl on Red Wicker Couch


Her Arms Crossing His


Picasso's Chair


Woman Sitting on Bed


La carniceria




Depression Bread Line


Abraham’s Farewell to Ishmael


Woman in Armchair


Caressing Hands




Abraham and Isaac




Holocaust Memorial


Holocaust Memorial


Holocaust Memorial


John Chamberlain Working


The Execution


Walk - Don't Walk


Woman on a Bed


Bus Stop


Cezanne Still Life #4


Couple in Open Doorway


Couple Against A Grey Brick Wall


Woman Seated on a Chair


Italian Restaurant


The Dentist


Fireside Chat


Graffiti Wall


The Girl Friends


Seated Woman Reading


Still Life with Fruit, Bottle and Knife


Paint Cans with Wainscoting


Woman: Red Wall, Black Window


Woman Against Door #7


Woman Looking in Mirror


Embracing Couple


Standing Woman Looking Into Mirror


Girl Resting


Girl for the Whitney Museum


Caressing Hands


Lover's Hands




Hands on Buttocks




Morandi's Still Life


Silver Nude


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