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Christian Schad

(b Miesbach, Upper Bavaria, 21 Aug 1894; d Keilberg, nr Aschaffenburg, 25 Feb 1982).

German painter, collagist, printmaker and photographer. He studied briefly at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich (1913–14) and in 1913 began to make Expressionist woodcuts, which were published in magazines such as Die Aktion (Berlin), Die Weissen Blätter (Leipzig) and Sirius (Zurich). From 1915 to 1920 he lived in Zurich and Geneva, where he was associated with the DADA movement. He continued creating woodcuts but also made reliefs, paintings and collages from newspaper cuttings and other printed papers. At the same time he became interested in abstracting photography and using it in a more metaphoric way. In 1918, while living in Geneva, he created his first ‘schadographs’, such as Untitled (Fish; 1918; New York, MOMA), contact prints of collages and objects on photosensitive paper. Like Man Ray’s rayographs and Moholy-Nagy’s photograms, these cameraless photographs reproduced the negative image of the textures placed on them, creating a new form of representation.



Liebende Knaben




Am Morgen


Im Pere Lachaise


Der elfte Finger






Schadografia Nr 2, 1919

Schadografia Nr 14, 1919


Schadografia Nr 3, 1919


Schadografia Nr 5, 1919


Schadografia Nr 16, 1919


L'image d'une femme, 1920


Trepanation indienne, 1920


Composition en N, 1919




Schadographie 27, 1960


Schadographie 24, 1960


Schadographie 35, 1960


Schadographie 25a, 1960


Schadographie 15, 1960


Schadographie 23, 1960


Schadographie 21, 1960


Schadograph, 1918


Amourette, 1918
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