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Lyubov Popova



Lyubov Popova

(b Ivanovskoye, nr Moscow, 24 April 1889; d Moscow, 25 May 1924).

 Russian painter and designer. She was born into a wealthy family and trained as a teacher before beginning her artistic studies with Stanislav Zhukovsky (1873–1944) and Konstantin Yuon. Their influence, particularly through their interest in luminous tonalities reminiscent of Impressionism, can be seen in early works by Popova such as Still-life with Basket of Fruit (1907–8; Athens, George Costakis Col.; see Rudenstine, pl. 725). Popova travelled extensively: in Kiev (1909) she was very impressed by the religious works of Mikhail Vrubel’; in Italy (1910) she admired Renaissance art, especially the paintings of Giotto. Between 1910 and 1911 she toured many parts of Russia, including Suzdal’, Novgorod, Yaroslavl’ and Pskov. Inspired by Russian architecture, frescoes and icons, she developed a less naturalistic approach. A more crucial influence was the first-hand knowledge of Cubism that she gained in Paris, which she visited with Nadezhda Udal’tsova during the winter of 1912–13. She studied at the Académie de la Palette, under the direction of Henri Le Fauconnier and Jean Metzinger, and her paintings of this time clearly display the influence of these artists (e.g. Two Figures, 1913–14; Moscow, Tret’yakov Gal.). Numerous sketchbooks attest to the rigour with which Popova applied Cubist analysis to the human figure (e.g. notebook C313, 1913–14). This approach was extended to paintings, for example Seated Figure (1914; Cologne, Mus. Ludwig), which has affinities with work by Léger and the Italian Futurist Umberto Boccioni; here, Popova shows a new confidence and fluency, and a more sophisticated integration of form and space into the transparent structures of curved and rectilinear planes. A more complex and dynamic fragmentation appears in canvases such as Travelling Woman (1915; Los Angeles, CA, Norton Simon A. Found.).



Grocer's Shop


Still Life


Portrait of a Philosopher. Cubist Construction


Still Life with Instruments


Architectonics in Painting


Painterly Architectonic




Painterly Architectonic


Painterly Architectonic


Painterly Architectonic


Painterly Architectonics with Yellow Board


Architectonic Painting


Painterly Architectonic


Colorful Architectonic


Human Bust


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