Art of the 20th Century

A Revolution in the Arts


Art Styles in 20th century Art Map







Pablo Picasso

The Image of the Artist 1881-1973
The Making of a Genius 1890-1898
The Art of Youth 1898-1901
The Blue Period 1901- 1904
The Rose Period 1904-1906
In the Laboratory of Art 1906-1907
Analytical Cubism 1907- 1912
Synthetic Cubism 1912-1915
The Camera and the Classicist 1916-1924
A Juggler with Form 1925-1936
War, Art and "Guernica" 1937
The Picasso Style 1937-1943
Politics and Art 1943-1953
The Presence of the Past 1954- 1963
The Case of "Las Meninas" 1957
The Old Savage 1963-1973
The Legend of the Artist



Pablo Picasso - Erotic Drawings 1968-1972
Pablo Picasso and his Women





Erotic Drawings






















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