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Francis Picabia



Francis Picabia

(b Paris, 22 Jan 1879; d Paris, 30 Nov 1953).

French painter and writer. He was one of the major figures of the Dada movement in France and in the USA but remained as stubbornly uncategorizable as he was influential. In his rejection of consistency and of an identifiable manner, he called into question attitudes to the artistic process that had been regarded as sacrosanct and in so doing guaranteed the intellectual force of his ideas for subsequent generations of artists.



Adan y Eva


Hombre y mujer a la orilla del mar


Adoración del becerro


Mujer con perro


Las Tres Gracias




El bello charcutero






Los enamorados


Paroxysm of Pain


La revolución espanola


Cordero Místico y beso



Portrait of a Couple
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