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Jules Pascin



Jules Pascin

(b Vidin, Bulgaria, 31 March 1885; d Paris, 2 June 1930).

American painter, draughtsman and printmaker of Bulgarian birth, active in France. He attended secondary school in Vienna, returning in 1901 to Bucharest, where his family had settled, and working briefly in the office of his father’s grain-merchandizing business. He was, however, already becoming passionately interested in drawing, for which he showed precocious talent. At the age of 16 he became the lover of a woman who ran a brothel and was allowed by her to draw the residents. In 1903 he moved to Munich, where he attended the art school run by Moritz Heymann.


Beautiful English Girl 




Composition with Three Women 


Clara and Genevieve 


Georges Eisenmann 


Flora with Flowers 


A Lady from Matigues 




Eliena Krylenko 


Claudine Resting 


At La Goulette 


Cuban Figures 


Cuban Rider 


Cuban Village 


Andre Salmon and Montmartre 


Dancer at the Moulin Rouge 

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