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Gordon Onslow


Gordon Onslow Ford

(1912- 2003)

Gordon Onslow Ford  was the last surviving member of the 1930s Paris surrealist group surrounding André Breton.
He was born in Wendover, England, on December 26, 1912. He served in the British Navy until 1937 after which he focused on his art career. In 1938 he became an official member of the surrealist group in Paris. At the onset of World War II, he returned to Britain. In 1941 he was asked to present a series of lectures in New York. It was while in New York that he met and married Jacqueline Johnson. They lived in Erongaricuaro, a small village in central Mexico, for six years before moving to San Francisco.







A New Beginning


Benefit of Blunders


Country Feast


Future of the Falcon


In Land


Meeting the Muse


Painter and the Muse


Strawberry Fair


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Fey Follet


Floating Woods


Present in Company


One Becoming


Travel in Depth


Young in Space


Arising Hearts


Eco Echo


Eternal Woods


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