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El Lissitzky



El Lissitzky

born Nov. 10 [Nov. 22, New Style], 1890, Pochinok, near Smolensk, Russia
died Dec. 30, 1941, Moscow

byname of Eliezer, or Elizar, Lissitzky, Russian in full Lazar Markovich Lisitsky Russian painter, typographer, and designer, a pioneer of nonrepresentational art in the early 20th century. His innovationsin typography, advertising, and exhibition design were particularly influential.

Lissitzky studied architecture at Darmstadt, Ger., and, during World War I, at Moscow. In 1919 Marc Chagall appointed him teacher at the revolutionary school of art in Vitebsk. Kasimir Malevich, the painter and founder of the Suprematist movement, which advocated the supremacy of pure geometric form over representation, also taught there, and he greatly influenced Lissitzky. In 1919 Lissitzky began to work on a series of abstract geometric paintings that he named “Proun,” an acronym for the Russian words translated as “Projects for the Affirmation of the New.” These paintings were a major contribution to the Constructivist art movement. In 1921 he became professor at the state art school in Moscow, but he left his country at year's end, when the Soviet government turned against modern art. He went to Germany, where he met the artist-designer László Moholy-Nagy, who transmitted Lissitzky's ideas on art to western Europe and the United States through his teaching at the Bauhaus.

Between 1925 and 1928 Lissitzky lived in Hannover, where he cofounded a number of periodicals propagating the most progressive artistic tendencies of the 1920s. In the winter of 1928–29 he returned to Moscow, where he continued to be aninnovative force. His experiments in spatial construction led him to devise new techniques in exhibiting, printing, photomontage, and architecture, which have had much influence in western Europe.





Proun 19D


Proun 5 A


Proun 4 B


Proun G7


Proun 12E

Proun 2C


Sin titulo


Pagina doble del volumen de poemas de Vladimir Maiakovski "Dlia golosa"


Layout Layout for Vladimir Mayakovsky


The First Kestner Portfolio


Dlia golosa


Vladimir Maiakovskii, "Misteriia" ili "Buff" by R. V. Ivanov-Razumnik


Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge


Veshch, no. 1-2


Kurt Schwitters


Broom, vol. 4, no. 3 and vol. 5, no. 4


Zapiski poeta. Povest' by Il'ia Sel'vinskii


Amerika. Die Stilbildung des neuen Bauens in den Vereinigten Staaten
(Neues Bauen in der Welt. Band 2.) by Richard Neutra


Frankreich. Die Entwicklung der neuen Ideen nach Konstruktion und Form
(Neues Bauen in der Welt. Band 3.), vol. 3 by Roger Ginburger


Tsu shpet. Einakter by S. Viktim


Di hun vos hot gevolt hoben a kam by Uncle Ben Zion


Shira chadashah by Josef Engel


Yingl tsingl khvat


Cover for catalogue of the Russian Exhibition


Study for the poster for the Russian Exhibition


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