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Isaak Levitan



Isaak Levitan


(b Kibarta, 30 Aug 1860; d Moscow, 4 Aug 1900).

Russian painter of Lithuanian birth. He largely painted landscapes (including pastel sketches), which are noted for their emotive or symbolic resonance. His ‘landscapes of mood’ had a profound influence on Russian landscape painting, to which he introduced a sense of the unity of humankind and nature, and of the spiritual power of the Russian countryside.



Sunny Day. Spring


Bird-Cherry Tree


By the Riverside


The First Green. May


Sunny Day


Overgrown Pond




Autumn. The Manor


The Volga. A Calm Day


Moonlit Night


The Gully


The Lake. Barns at the Edge of a Forest






The Twilight. The Moon


Valley of the River. Autumn

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