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Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo

born July 6, 1907, Coyoacán, Mex.
died July 13, 1954, Coyoacán

In full Frida Kahlo de Rivera, originalname Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón Mexican painter noted for her intense, brilliantly coloured self-portraits painted in a primitivistic style. Though she denied the connection, she is often identified as a Surrealist. She was married to muralist Diego Rivera (1929, separated 1939, remarried 1941).

In 1925 Kahlo was involved in a bus accident that so seriously injured her that she had to undergo some 35 medical operations. During her slow recovery from the trauma, Kahlo taught herself to paint. She showed her early efforts to Rivera, whom she had met a few years earlier, and he encouraged her to continue to paint. After their marriage, Kahlo traveled (1930–33) with Rivera, who had received commissions for murals from several cities in the United States. In 1938 she met André Breton, a leading Surrealist, who championed her work; both Breton and Marcel Duchamp were influential in arranging for some of the exhibits of her work in the United States and Europe. In 1943 she was appointed a professor of painting at La Esmeralda, the Education Ministry's School of Fine Arts. Her house in Coyoacán is now the Frida Kahlo Museum. The Diary of Frida Kahlo, covering the years 1944–54, and The Letters of Frida Kahlo were both published in 1995.













Diego and I


The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth  (Mexico), Diego, Me, and Senor Xolotl



Diego kisses Frida in bed, in cast.
Diego visits Frida at the Hospital Ingles ABC




Portrait of Don Guillermo Kahlo


Self-Portrait with the Portrait of Doctor Farill


El Circulo


Still Life with Parrot





Naturaleza viva



Frida in bed at final opening, with Concha Michel,
Antonio Pelaez, Dr. Roberto Garza,
Carmen Farell, Dr. Atl






Frida, painting in bed

Frida and Diego, last picture

Frida in deathbed, Coyoacon


Following after Frida’s funeral carriage on Juarez Avenue are:
 Lazaro Cardenas, Diego Rivera and Andres Iduarte, among others



Fruit of Life


Still-Life with Flag


Viva la vida


Autorretrato con un Retrato de Diego en el pecho y Maria entre las cejas


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Diary Pages: "Bird"
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