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Juan Gris



Juan Gris


(b Madrid, 23 March 1887; d Boulogne-sur-Seine, 11 May 1927).

Spanish painter, draughtsman, illustrator and writer, active in France. His artistic career was spent almost exclusively in France, where he was considered one of the leading Cubist painters from 1912 until his death. An artist valued for the depth and consistency of his approach rather than as an innovator, he is recognized for his independent and distinctive approach to Cubism and as one of its most influential later practitioners and theoreticians.




Glass, Cup and Bottle


Harlequin with a Guitar


Harlequin with Violin


Still Life before an Open Window


Bottle, Wine Glass and Fruit Bowl


Seated Harlequin


Glasses, Newspaper and Bottle of Wine


Guitar, Glasses and Bottle


Guitar and Glass



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