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Paul Delvaux



Paul Delvaux


(b Antheit, nr Huy, 23 Sept 1897; d Veurne, 20 July 1994).

Belgian painter and printmaker. He was, with René Magritte, one of the major exponents of SURREALISM in Belgium. He began his training in 1920 at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, initially as an architect, but he soon changed to decorative painting, and he completed his studies in 1924. In his earliest works, such as Seascape (1923; Ostend, Mus. S. Kst.) and The Couple (1929; Brussels, Mus. A. Mod.), he was strongly influenced by the Flemish Expressionism of painters such as Constant Permeke and Gustav De Smet. In the mid-1930s, however, he turned decisively to Surrealism, not as an orthodox member of the movement but to a large extent under the influence of Giorgio De Chirico’s Pittura Metafisica, which he had first seen c. 1926. Among his first characteristic works in this vein are Pink Bows (1937) and Phases of the Moon (1939; New York, MOMA), in both of which he incorporated the somnambulant figures that were to become his trademark.



The Village of the Mermaids


Muchachas desnudas en el campo o Las amigas


El amanecer




Les Courtisanes


The Wedding Dress


De Rode Stad


The Dialogue


The phases of the moon


Desnudo en la playa


El sueno


La Acropolis


Mujer ante el espejo


Serie de personajes desnudos en un bosque


El esqueleto y la concha


El entierro


Entry into the City


The Great Sirens


Woman with a Mirror


The Call of the Night


Street of the Trams


The Viaduct


The Viaduct




The Awakening of the Forest


Pink Bows


Embracing Nudes


Femme a la lampe
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