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Robert Delaunay

(b Paris, 12 April 1885; d Montpellier, 25 Oct 1941).

French painter, printmaker and writer. Taking Cubism as one of his points of departure, he first developed a vocabulary of colour planes only distantly dependent on observed motifs, and by the 1930s he had arrived at a purely self-sufficient language of geometric forms. He remained active as a theoretician until the end of his life, leaving a legacy of influential writings on the development of abstract art.




Simultaneous Contrasts: Sun and Moon


Sun, Tower, Airplane (Soleil, Tour, Aeroplane)


Ventanas simultaneas


Simultaneous Windows


Rythme Couleur


Rythme Couleur


Endless Rhythm




Joie de vivre


Ventana a la ciudad


Saint-Séverin nº 3


Mujer con sombrilla. La parisina


La ciudad


Ventana en la ciudad

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