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Robert Delaunay

(b Paris, 12 April 1885; d Montpellier, 25 Oct 1941).

French painter, printmaker and writer. Taking Cubism as one of his points of departure, he first developed a vocabulary of colour planes only distantly dependent on observed motifs, and by the 1930s he had arrived at a purely self-sufficient language of geometric forms. He remained active as a theoretician until the end of his life, leaving a legacy of influential writings on the development of abstract art.




La Torre roja


Torre Eiffel


Champs de Mars: The Red Tower


The Cardiff Team


Tour Eiffel


La Ville de Paris


Formas circulares


Mujer desnuda leyendo


Homage to Bleriot


Ventanas abiertas simultáneamente (1ª parte, 3º motivo)


Eiffel Tower in Trees


Study after Eiffel Tower


The Eiffel Tower


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