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Giorgio de Chirico


Giorgio de Chirico


(b Vólos, Greece, 10 July 1888; d Rome, 20 Nov 1978).

Italian painter, writer, theatre designer, sculptor and printmaker. De Chirico was one of the originators of PITTURA METAFISICA. His paintings are characterized by a visionary, poetic use of imagery, in which themes such as nostalgia, enigma and myth are explored. He was an important source of inspiration for artists throughout Europe in the inter-war years and again for a new generation of painters in the 1980s. His abrupt stylistic changes, however, have obscured the continuity of his approach, which was rooted in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, and this has often led to controversy.











Cabecita oriental




La gravída




San Jorge






Banos misteriosos. Fuga hacia el mar


El enigma de la llegada y la tarde


El gran juego


El guante rojo


El viaje angustiado


Italian Piazza


La alegría del regreso


La angustia de la partida


La gran torre


La recompesa del Adivino


La ribera de Tesalia

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