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Salvador Dali

If You Act the Genius, You Will Be One!  1910-1928
The Proof of Love  1929-1935
The Conguest of the Irrational 1936-1939
The Triumph of Avida Dollars  1939-1946
The Mystical Manifesto  1946-1962
Paths to Immortality  1962-1989



Biblia Sacrata, Marquis de Sade, Faust, The Art of Love,
Don Quixote, Divine Comedy, Decameron,
Casanova, Les Caprices de Goya








Illustration for

Divine Comedy

by Dante Alighieri







The Angel of the First Heaven

Piccarda Donati



Beatrice resolves Dante's doubts

In the heaven of Mercury



Church and Empire

Dante in doubt



The Ascent to Venus

The bishop cum troubadour



The Song of the wise Spirits

The dust of Souls



The apparition of Dante's great-great-grandfather

Original Perfection



The Cross of Mars

Cacciaguida's history lesson



The Two Circles of Spirits

Cacciaguida sees Dante's exile in God



Beatrice comforts the Poet

In the Heaven of Jupiter



The Constellation of
blessed Spirits

The celestial staircase



Divine impenetrability

The Garden of Christ



The Joy of the blessed

The apparition of St. James



The Apotheosis of the Virgin Mary

The Angels of the Empyrean



St. Peter and Dante

Arrivalat the Empyrean



The infinite Beauty of Beatrice

The loyal Angels



The Archangel Gabriel

St. Bernard's prayer to the Virgin


Illustration for

Le Decameron

by Giovanni Boccaccio



Le Peche partage

La fiance du roi de Garge


Le diable en Enfer

L'angle Gabriel


L'Enfer des Beautes cruelles

La femme adultere


Le tonneau



Le jument de compere Pierre

La ressuscitee



Illustration for

La Vida es Sueno (Life is a Dream)

by Calderon




Calderon de la Barca


The Writer's Whim

Figure in Chains


Figure in an Ermine Cloak

Knight with Helmet and Butterflies


The Father Forgiven

The Knights


Vision of Paradise

The Portico


Sigismund in Chains

Portrait of the Signatures



Study for a Dream


Study for a Second Dream


Final Apotheosis


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