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Salvador Dali

If You Act the Genius, You Will Be One!  1910-1928
The Proof of Love  1929-1935
The Conguest of the Irrational 1936-1939
The Triumph of Avida Dollars  1939-1946
The Mystical Manifesto  1946-1962
Paths to Immortality  1962-1989



Biblia Sacrata, Marquis de Sade, Faust, The Art of Love,
Don Quixote, Divine Comedy, Decameron,
Casanova, Les Caprices de Goya







Illustrations for

The Art of Love

by Ovid


Romans, if there is one amongst
by Dali



by Dali

by Dali



Divine Erato
by Dali

The Goddess of Cythera
by Dali



But oh, Beautiful Dionee
by Dali

We see this Queen
by Dali



Young messenger
by Dali

Pheobus, this God crowned
with laurels by Dali



It was then that Love
enjoyed waging war by Dali

Young Icarus
by Dali



Pylade loving Hermione
by Dali

Daughter of Minos
by Dali



The unfaithful wife of Menelas
by Dali



Illustrations for

"Pages choisies

de Don Quichotte de la manche"



The atomic era


The Golden Age


Don Quichotte Overwhelmed


Don Quichotte




Apparition de Dulcinne


Attack on the Windmills


The Milky Way




Don Quchotte a la Tete qui Eclat

Don Quichotte Reading in His Room



The Visions

The Wine Casks



Illustration for

Tri Corner Hat

by Pedro de Alarcon
























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