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Salvador Dali

If You Act the Genius, You Will Be One!  1910-1928
The Proof of Love  1929-1935
The Conguest of the Irrational 1936-1939
The Triumph of Avida Dollars  1939-1946
The Mystical Manifesto  1946-1962
Paths to Immortality  1962-1989



Biblia Sacrata, Marquis de Sade, Faust, The Art of Love,
Don Quixote, Divine Comedy, Decameron,
Casanova, Les Caprices de Goya








Illustration for

Marquis de Sade



A Miserable Flat


"Protect Her from Misfortune's Mistakes"


Allegory: The Chevalier's Proposal


Allegory: "Brave Cecile"


The Twins Outwit Damis


Damis' Delema


The Crime


The Prison


Cesise Receives Germeuil's Letter


The Death of Clorinda


Without Hope


Meriville and His Sons Reunited


Panorama: The Siege of Jerusalem


Damis and Durval


Tancred's Choice


Marianne and the Chevalier


The Arrival of Dumont


Allegory: "Cecile's Chastity"


Dumont and Marton


Tancred's Oath


Allegory: "The Chevalier's Dream of Cecile"


All's Well that Ends Well


"As Pure as Her Heart"


Adelaide's Promise


The Obsequies for Clorinda


Illustration for





Femme au cochon


Sorcieres au balai



Famme au clown



Tete de veau

Cavalier et la mort



Vieus Faust


Chevalier a genou

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