Art of the 20th Century


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1887 - 1985

Painting as Poetry



Part I

"Painting as Poetry"

Part II

Daphnis and Chloe

Drawings for the Bible


Other Paintings

Part III






Jerusalem Windows

Hadassah Synagogue  Hadassah Medical Center is located in an area of wonderful scenery
and in its synagogue are Mark Chagall's stained-glass windows,
which he donated to the hospital in 1962.




Tribe of Reuben



Tribe of Asher



Tribe of Benjamin



Tribe of Dan


Tribe of Gad



Tribe of Judah



Tribe of Joseph



Tribe of Zebulum



Tribe of Simeon



Tribe of Levi



Tribe of Nephtali



Tribe of Issachar


Hadassah Synagogue, stained-glass windows


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