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Umberto Boccioni


Umberto Boccioni

(b Reggio Calabria, 19 Oct 1882; d Sorte, Verona, 17 Aug 1916).

Italian sculptor, painter, printmaker and writer. As one of the principal figures of FUTURISM, he helped shape the movement’s revolutionary aesthetic as a theorist as well as through his art. In spite of the brevity of his life, his concern with dynamism of form and with the breakdown of solid mass in his sculpture continued to influence other artists long after his death.






Horizontal Volumes


Dynamism of a Human Body


Dynamism of a Cyclist


The Street Pavers


Beneath the Pergola, Naples


The Drinker


Still Life with Glass and Syphon


Dynamism of a Man's Head


Charge of the Lancers


Interior with Two Female Figures


The Two Friends


Portriat of Ferruccio Busoni


Dynamism of a Soccer Player

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