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Giacomo Balla



Giacomo Balla


(b Turin, 18 Aug 1871; d Rome, 1 March 1958).

Italian painter, sculptor, stage designer, decorative artist and actor. He was one of the originators of Futurism and was particularly concerned with the representation of light and movement. His personal interest in scientific methods of analysis contributed to both the practical and ideological bases of the movement. His oeuvre from the Futurist period overshadowed the work of later years.




B&W Sculpture Dynamic of Boccioni's fist


B&W Primavera




Violín y paleta




Velocidad abstracta + Sonido


Futur streamlines v2


Plastic ensemble


Pessimismo e optimismo


Vortex, space, form


Line of speed + form + noise


Warship, widow and wind


Mercury passing in front of sun


The spell is broken




Abstract Speed - The Car has Passed


Feu d'artifice

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