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Frans Francken the Younger



Frans Francken the Younger (Antwerp, 15816 May 1642),
was a Flemish Baroque painter and the best-known member of the large Francken family of artists. Many of his works are small historical, allegorical and biblical cabinet paintings with the focus on figures. He also invented or popularized several new themes that became popular in Flemish painting, such as genre scenes populated by monkeys (later imitated by David Teniers the Younger) and Kunstkamer paintings displaying a wealth of natural and artistic treasures against a neutral wall. Francken frequently collaborated with other artists, adding figures to works by Tobias Verhaecht and Abraham Govaerts. Later in his life he also painted large altarpieces.




Madonna and Child in a Landscape (painted with Abraham Govaerts)


An Assembly of Witches


Vertumne et Pomone


Alligorie de la Fortune


Salomon au Trisor du Temple


Ulysse reconnaissant Achille parmi les filles de Lycomhde


Abraham y los tres ángeles

Abraham y Melquisedec

Agar y el Angel

Caín matando a Abel

Ecce Homo

El pecado original

El prendimiento

El sacrificio de Isaac

La construcción de la torre de Babel

La escala de Jacob

La lucha de Jacob con el Angel

La predicación de San Juan Bautista

Lot y sus hijas

Noé dirige la entrada en el arca

Rebeca y Eliecer


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