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Arpino Giuseppe Cesari



Arpino Giuseppe Cesari (called 'Chevalier d'Arpio')


One of the last and most conservative of Italian Mannerist painters. He designed the mosaics for the dome of St Peter's, Rome, and painted the frescoes in S. Martino, Naples (1589-91), and a series of large histories in the Conservatori Palace, Rome (15911636). Caravaggio was his pupil.


The Passion of Christ



Diana and Actaeon


The Annunciation


The Annunciation


Adam and Eve Expelled from Paradise


La Sagrada Familia con San Juan


Judith with the Head of Holofernes


Perseus Rescuing Andromeda


Perseus and Andromeda


Romulus suckled by the she-wolf, from the Sala dei Horatii e Curacii


Rest on the Flight into Egypt


The Betrayal of Christ


Martyrdom of Saint Margaret


St Clare with the Scene of the Siege of Assisi




Studies of two female nudes


Allegorical Figure


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